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Monday, October 25, 2010

What do you do when things don’t line up between all three—your head, your heart and your gut?

What do you do when things don’t line up between all three—your head, your heart and your gut?

Realization is the epiphany. It’s when you realize your happiness and success, even survival, begin with you. I’ve been down on my luck plenty of times, and I know it’s easy to blame others. But that moment of realization is when I get honest with myself and take responsibility for my actions. That may mean saying I’m sorry, or evaluating my involvement in a situation.

Assessment is the process of taking stock—not in what you have, but in who you are. If your self-esteem is telling you that you are anything other than priceless, you’ve got to make some changes. Assess your skills, your attitude, your beliefs, and if you don’t like what you see, don’t be afraid to remodel. Tear things down and start over if you need to. Give yourself an appraisal and allow yourself to see who you are—and then trust who you are.

It's all about motivation. You may know people who aren’t all that talented but are exceptionally successful. Those who aren’t successful aren’t motivated. The key to finding success is to find your motivation. Your motivation is the fuel that will keep you going.

To find your motivation and to acquire and maintain the creativity and positivity required for success, you have to find a method of self-renewal. When you’re stuck, take yourself out of the situation. Get away for a day or two. Stop and smell the roses. That pause gives you the time you need for self-renewal. And it gives you the space you need in order to get a clear perspective and to find your motivation.

Once you have your head, your heart, and your gut in order, you have to take action. You can’t just talk about it; you have to step up to the plate and take your best shot.

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