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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Know What You Want and You Will Generally Get It

In search of getting what you want, the secret is not to look for a miracle. We get to choose what we will do and who we will become.

The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is the major reason why they are leaders. Everyday we make decisions that carry significant consequences –– decisions that affect our destiny. Everyday our decisions can move us closer to goals and purposes and plans or farther away from them if we are indecisive and procrastinate. Indecisiveness is defined as the trait of irresolution; a lack of firmness of character or purpose. "His indecision was only momentary but the opportunity was lost."

Sadly there are some folks who don’t understand the downside of indecisiveness. They wear their willfulness like a badge of honor. They live life “their way” no matter the consequences, and irregardless of the pain their choices create for others.

In his book Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill points out that the habit of decision goes with the student into the occupation he or she chooses… if, in fact, he or she does choose the occupation. Generally the youth just out of school seeks any job that can be found. The individual takes the first place he or she finds, because the person has fallen into the habit of indecision. Realistically, 98% out of every 100 people working for wages today are in the positions they hold because they lacked the definiteness of decision to plan a definite position, and the knowledge of how to choose an employer.

Definiteness of decision always requires courage, sometimes very great courage. The person who reaches a definite decision to procure the particular job, and make life pay the price he asks, does not stake his life on that decision; he stakes his economic freedom. Financial independence, riches, desirable business and professional positions are not within the reach of a person who neglects or refuses to expect, plan, and demand these things.

A great goal for all of us is to become better decision makers by starting with the following.


Program yourself to develop an attitude of positive expectations. Usually your expectations come true! For example, do you wake up in the morning thinking, “This is going to be a lousy day” or “Nothing good ever happens to me”? If you have an important presentation to make, do you tell yourself, “I don’t have a chance at closing this sale”? If you routinely think this way, how does your day turn out?

You must make a decision that you’re going to have confident expectancy about everything you do. You have to continually expect that things are going to get better. When those around you predict doom and gloom about everything from the economy to your dreams and goals, remember that success in life, business, and sales is mostly a mental game. Positive expectation is a conscious decision and a habit of faith. As you think, so it is created. As you believe, so it is done. So, expect only victory!


There are no shortcuts. Develop a long term viewpoint. Occasionally great wealth is created in a short amount of time, but it's through a lot of luck in those situations. About every success story resulted from hard work, planning, and persistence. Because of our actions today, being decisive and taking the steps by planting seeds will pay many dividends back to you in the future. It's a lot of investment in things. Make the most of your time by making sure that the day-to-day urgent doesn't take over for the important.


Demand in this sense simply means to dream big and dream a lot. It is free to dream! When you do this your subconscious mind will pick up on it and automatically demand that your actions turn it into a reality.

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