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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Achieve Greater Success in Your Business

There are no ifs, ands, or buts, the greater the success, the more the responsibility. Everyone cannot handle the success. Some may choose complacency over notoriety. They don't like criticism and they abhor pressure. But if you are the kind of person that desperately wants to be somebody, then go for it! Frankly, some people will never be satisfied with sitting on the bleachers cheering for others who are in the game. Locked within each of us is an inner ambitious intrigue not predicated on jealousy or intimidation. It is built upon an inner need to unlock a predestined purpose. These kind of people are willing to pay the price because they are compelled, drawn, and driven toward a hope and success.

You have heard it many times - "No pain, no  gain."

This means regardless of what it takes, what you have to readjust, what you must do to discipline yourself, and respond to the challenges that life throws at you, you do whatever it takes.

To underscore this issue, let's go over some important truths.
  • Huge stress comes with success in any area.
When you're building up to your success, you will definitely experience rejection, controversy, criticism, and maybe even isolation!
  • Count the cost.
Before I ask to buy a house I must first count the costs. I have to come up with closing costs, a down payment, etc. The initial cost to purchase and become a homeowner is much higher in comparison to renting! But then over time the homeowner definitely wins out. What do you think?

I am told that runners make long, steady strides and that their emphasis is on endurance, not speed. They take their laps and stretch their limitations, giving themselves over to committing their strength to a goal. Perspiration leaps out of their pores. The salty taste of exertion is in their mouths. Turning corners with agility, running shoes banging on the pavement, heads high, backs straight - They are in pursuit of a goal.

For any runners out there, let me know if you agree with this - as you near the finish line, there is a final burst of energy that kicks in.

Overall, realize that there has never been a day that lasted forever. You cannot afford to sit back and relax. A runner trains him or herself to achieve a goal, to break a record, win a trophy, or whatever it may be. Whether you win trophies or receive great accolades it doesn't matter. What matters is that you stretch your legs and run in the wind. It's only your shadow that you're running against. And it is your own destiny that you stride beside.