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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make the World Your Oyster

Have a Standard of Excellence to Live By

To differentiate from the majority of people who don’t like what they do, you have to actually enjoy what you do.

Start your day by doing your job the best you can, and try to do it for a week. Then come back next week and do it all over again. The best you can, not waiting for rewards, not asking for rewards. Don’t wait for results to come, just do the job the best you can. When you get positive feedback from your customers, when you close a new deal – ask yourself: What has changed?

You will start loving your job because success will come, first in small steps, but more and more, day by day it will grow. Your customers will start seeing you as a knowledgeable person, your colleagues will see you with different eyes, and you will realize that all of that is important, but most important are feelings inside of you that start building – good feelings about yourself.

You will feel worthy, valuable to your customers, colleagues, and you will build that feeling inside of you that you are valuable part of your environment.

Your Standard of Excellence Becomes Bigger

You will start feeling that you are helping others – your colleagues to be better, your customers to find the best solution, and by helping them you are actually helping yourself to become a more valuable member of the community. In my humble experience meeting with leaders of world class prestigious and established companies, leaders, founders, and bosses of these companies were polite, approachable, friendly, and open minded.

In business, inspire others. Support others. And draw support and inspiration from others…

Make the World Your Oyster

Your self-respect that you’ve gained with that new knowledge will make the world your oyster. Don’t wait for your employer to send you to a seminar. Be proactive, for yourself and your career. It will benefit you in the long term – with your career and most importantly you will see the difference in your wallet!
As a business owner, I maintain an open mind in order to attain new information to help me grow.

In the following I’ll share with you 3 bulletproof actions I implement in my business.

1. Set strong goals
2. Hit your goals
3. Be 100% accountable to yourself and family

Overall, I have learned that talent alone never beats the combination of ambition and action!

About The Intuitive Group, Inc.
The Intuitive Group, Inc. is headed by Matthew Sileno and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. The company specializes in direct marketing by bringing products and services directly to consumers. The company works with team members from day one to train them for the job and for the rest of their lives. The skills gained help team members excel in the company and in life. The Intuitive Group, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), adhering to BBB Code of Business Practices dedicated to sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. For more information about The Intuitive Group, Inc. please visit

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