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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Step 3 to developing courageous leadership

"Spiritual sensitivity that is louder than popular opinion"

Many people try to check their spirituality at the door when it comes to work and leadership, when in actuality they are inseparable. Spirituality is the core of who you are. Unfortunately, many allow trends, popular opinion, or even a louder voice in the room win over what they truly know and believe in their heart. Spiritual strength is essential to establishing a firm moral foundation that cannot be blown over or toppled by the voices around them. This is so important because our words and actions reflect what’s on the inside. Our quality of leadership is built on this value system. Each of us was created with a specific purpose in mind.

Values – Yes They Still Matter

Situational ethics is now being taught in many of our public schools. One teacher, wanting to illustrate that human reasoning is many times wrong, gave the following situation to a class of high school students: "How would you advise a mother who was pregnant with her fifth child based on the following facts. Her husband had syphilis and she had tuberculosis. Their first child was born blind, the second child died. A third child was born deaf while their fourth child had tuberculosis. The mother is considering an abortion. Would you advise her to have one?" In view of these facts, most of the students agreed that the mother should have an abortion. The teacher then announced, "If you said 'yes', you would have just killed the great composer, Ludwig von Beethoven."

Spirituality plays a key role in ethical leadership. Moreover, spirituality demands that leaders cultivate and nurture a sense of self that recognizes interrelatedness of life and a sense of community.

Identity: Who you think you are? Self-awareness comes with an understanding of how you view yourself. The operative word in this question is think; that is, how do you perceive yourself.

Achievement: What have you done lately? There is a sharp distinction between what we think we achieve and what others think we achieve. If the two are not in parallel, we feel out of sync. The challenge becomes in finding meaning and satisfaction in what we do and harmonizing it with what we are challenged to do. No easy task.

Reputation: What do other people think you are? Reputation is the combination of identity and achievements as seen by others. Lucky for you if your self-image matches your public persona! But if you are like most of us, you have work to do to make certain that who you are and what you think you do matches the impact that you are having on others.

Acceptance: What can you change, and what is beyond your control? Goals are good, but they can sometimes prevent us from achieving understanding our inner selves. The challenge arises from learning what you can change (your behavior) and what you cannot change (other people). Acceptance becomes important; otherwise you will cause yourself and others around you much unhappiness.

A leader’s spiritual sensitivity can also help you instill accountability within the company culture. If you have values concerning behavior, then when someone steps out of line, you can call their attention to the inconsistency. There is clear communication that certain behavior is not tolerated. You have instilled values and you hold people accountable for living up to them. Conformity to values is critical because it becomes the platform upon which you ensure that people strive toward the vision and work at the mission; that is, people draw together.

Organizations that are successful in this regard integrate their values into performance objectives. That way employees know more than what they are supposed to do; they know how they are supposed to do it with respect for ideas, dignity for colleagues and trust in the system. And when those things are not in sync, you work to fix it.

Overall, spirituality and ethics will play an increasingly important role in the development of leadership for the future. With the increasing advancement in science, technology, and business, next generation leaders face a significant challenge to serve the interests of human development and the environment.

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